what is architecture in the fourth dimension

The conference hosted authors from all over the world, presenting their research in Open Building and Informal Settlements.

For a list of presenters and presentations, please see the link below:
Paper Session Schedule - PDF

We are also pleased to offer the Architecture in the Fourth Dimension Conference Proceedings for download from the link below:

PDF (Low-Resolution)

We are also happy to provide a high-resolution PDF to students, educators, and libraries by request. If you are interested in obtaining this document please contact Michael Gibson at the address below:

Conference Attendees received a book version of the proceedings as part of their registration packet.

For future Paper Calls related to the Open Building Commission, please visit www.open-building.org.

• Dr. Stephen Kendall, Conference Chair; Prof., Ball State University, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Michael Gibson, Conference Co-Chair; Assist. Prof., Ball State University
• Dr. Jia Beisi, Assoc. Prof., University of Hong King, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Dr. Kazunobu Minami, Prof., Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo; Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Dr. Shin Murakami, Prof., Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Nagoya; Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Michelle Jiang Yingying, Secretary for China Affairs, CIB W104. michelle.jyy@gmail.com

Visit the 2008 Open Building conference website: Education for an Open Architecture