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This event is a forum for environmental design educators, students, and practitioners from around the world concerned for the future of architectural education. It has a specific focus: The design of open-ended yet sustainable physical environments. The conference / workshop will have paper sessions, exhibits of student and professional work focused on the conference theme, and selected real-time DESIGN EXERCISES that will serve as a platform for discussions.

The Education for an Open Architecture Conference will be held October 19-22, 2008 at Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA.

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: CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS are available as a PDF for download by clicking HERE (approx. size is 15mb) (9 JAN 2009)

: A SLIDESHOW OF IMAGES from the conference can be viewed by clicking HERE (9 JAN 2009)

: SEE A WEB-TV STORY ON THE CONFERENCE by clicking HERE. Newslink Indiana featured the conference in this news piece and interviewed, among others, Renee Chow. (30 OCT 2008)

: THANKS TO ALL OF THE CONFERENCE ATTENDEES, PRESENTERS, AND SUPPORTERS for making the conference a success! Soon the website will feature an archive area with a pdf of the proceedings as well as photos from the conference. (30 OCT 2008)

: WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF THE STUDENT COMPETITION. Please visit the competition awards page for recognition of the winning students and their the thumbnails of their boards (2 SEPT 2008)

: COMPETITION WINNERS will be announced shortly. Winners should be expected to receive a private e-mail requesting proof of their student status in the upcoming week. We will announce the winners publicly as soon as this process has concluded. The jurors remarked about both the diversity and ingenuity of the entries. Thank you to all participants for your efforts (2 SEPT 2008)

: THE CONFERENCE PROGRAM is now available on the website. Click HERE to download the latest information on program and schedule. (18 JULY 2008)

: REGISTRATION is now open. Please refer to our registration page to begin the registration process and for payment of the registration fee by major credit card. (18 JULY 2008)

: AUTHORS are reminded not to send or 'CC' papers to the "" general e-mail account, which has strict size limits. Papers send to "" may not be received and may interfere with our e-mail. Please use for the submission of papers, as noted in the call for papers. (30 JUNE 2008)

: REWRITTEN ABSTRACTS will be accepted until June 6th. (28 MAY 2008)

: ABSTRACT REVIEW COMPLETE, PAPER GUIDELINES AVAILABLE - The abstract review process has been completed and authors have been sent e-mails containing their reviews. Please also note revised paper deadlines on the "CALL FOR PAPERS" page. (3 MAY 2008)

: NEW DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: APRIL 15th - Response to the abstract call has been strong, including a large number of international submissions. Some authors have requested an extension to the deadine, and in response we have extended the deadline to April 15th. Please do not resend abstracts submitted prior to the deadline. Note also that the deadline for paper submission is unchanged. (1 APR 2008)

: ABSTRACT AUTHORS who have submitted abstracts will receive e-mail confirmation by April 4th. (1 APR 2008)

: NOTE THAT ALL SUBMISSIONS must be sent as file attachments to e-mail messages in order to be accepted by our server. Submissions as inline text (i.e. writing in the message body) will not be accepted (17 MAR 2008)

: ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS sent to us prior to March 14th were not received as a result of a security setting on our server. This issue has been resolved. If you submitted your abstract prior to this date, we ask that you please send it again. (14 MAR 2008)

(14 MAR 2008)

: COMPETITION ENTRY SUBMISSION INFORMATION has been added, with submission instructions. The competition jury has also been announced. See "STUDENT COMPETITION" page for details. (14 MAR 2008)

: CIB COMMISSION W110 - Informal Settlements and Low Cost Housing will hold their annual meeting in parallel with the Education for an Open Architecture Conference in Muncie, IN, USA. Joint activities and events will be outlined in the final conference schedule. Information and contacts for the W110 event are available may be found at this LINK. (14 MAR 2008)

: SUBMISSION INFORMATION for abstracts and projects has been updated, including instructions for electronic submission. See "CALL FOR PAPERS" page for details. (22 FEB 2008)

: AWARDS AND SPONSORS have been announced for the International Student Competition: see the new "Student Competition Link" or CLICK HERE for more information. (24 JAN 2008)

: A problem with the "" email account has been resolved. Please CLICK HERE if you have sent important correspondence to this e-mail. (29 JAN 2008)


: Dr. Stephen Kendall, Conference Chair; Professor of Architecture, Ball State University, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
: Michael Gibson, Instructor in Architecture, Ball State University, Conference Co-Chair
: Dr. Jia Beisi, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Hong King, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
: Dr. Kazunobu Minami, Professor of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo; Joint Coordinator, CIB W104

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