1) Research Organizations and Researchers

AIJ Open Building Sub Committee, Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan

CIB: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction

N. John HABRAKEN, Emeritus Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Meta-Technology Center for Metropolitan Metamorphosis Methods (4-Met Center),
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

OBOM: Open Building Strategic Studies, Delft Technical University, The Netherlands

SUREURO: Sustainable Refurbishment Europe

2) Open Building Projects

Experimental Housing NEXT21, Osaka Gas, Japan (in Japanese)

KSI (Kodan Skeleton / Infill) Experimental Housing, Urban Renaissance Agency, Japan

Plus Home, Pluskoti Oy, Finland

SOLIDS, het Oosten, The Netherlands

3) Journal

Open House International

4) CIB W104 International Conferences

18th International Conference "Gradual Changes", Beijing, China, 2012

17th International Conference "Architecture in the Fourth Dimension", Boston, USA, 2011

16th International Conference "OPEN AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDING", Bilbao, Spain, 2010

CIB World Congress Special Track for W104, Salford, UK, 2010

15th International Conference "Changing Roles: New Roles; New Challenges", Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009

14th International Conference "Education for Open Architecture", Muncie, USA, 2008

13th International Conference in conjunction with the CIB World Building Conference 2007 "Construction for Development", Cape Town, South Africa, 2007

12th International Conference "ADAPTABLES2006", Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2006
→ Download: Report of 12th Annual Meeting of CIB W104 (PDF file, 180KB)

11th International Conference in conjuction with the SB05 Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo "Action for Sustainability", Tokyo, Japan, 2005

10th International Conference "Open Building and Sustainable Environment", Paris, France, 2004
→ Download: Report of 10th Annual Meeting of CIB W104 (PDF file, 188KB)

9th International Conference "Dense Living Urban Structure", Hong Kong, China PR, 2003

8th International Conference "Balancing Resources and Quality in Housing",
Mexico City, Mexico, 2002

7th International Conference "Agile Architecture", Delft, The Netherlands, 2001

6th International Conference "Continuous Customization in Housing (OBT2000)",
Tokyo, Japan, 2000

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